Our Journey

On November 16th, 2012 on the day before Ann's 70th birthday, a Neurologist in Brisbane confirmed that Ann had Parkinson's Disease.


This had been suspected by her then GP in September 2012 when Ann presented with the problem of fingers freezing at her keyboard. Another GP on November 5th in 2012 also suspected that the frozen fingures and Ann's walking gait were signs of Parkinson's. 


The subsequent November 16th specialist consultation confirmed these GP suspicions and diagnosis.


And to explain, the change in GP was a long planned move that just happened to co-incide with the Parkinson's issues arising.


And so began a journey that is ongoing and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


In this site, we have posted information about Parkinson's itself and the various steps we have taken to mitigate the effects of Parkinson's.



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