Parkinson's Disease and us

Rex Adamson and Ann Stradley


We are retirees living in the small country town of Casino in rural New South Wales in the Northern Rivers Area. Having been born in 1941 and 1942 we are what is known as War Babies - not that you hear that term very often.


We live in an over 50's lifestyle village. It is a Land Lease Community of over 200 homes located on the outskirts of Casino at the site of the old Casino Airport.  


We moved here in 2015 from Brisbane where we had lived since 1990.


Making a substantial change from a capital city to a small rural community generated a lot of interest from both family and friends.  We documented the rationale and that document is here. 


Why this website

Ann has Parkinson's Disease and this website describes our journey with Parkinson's and contains useful published information about Parkinson's.


This information can be downloaded and saved and used as reference material.


It is a simple plain website prepared by us using the Website Builder provided by our web hosting service.   

We will be updating our progress from time to time. If you would like to be notified when we add more to our website, then complete the form below. We will then email you when we make changes to our site.

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